A Cloud of Fraud by Linda Ferreri

Perhaps the suspicion of fraud enhances the flavor. C. S. Forester

Rainy day reads

Here in Le Marche in Italy, the weather this spring has been exceptionally cool and wet. Just today, we had major rain and hail mid-afternoon. Our rose bushes are thriving but we want to get out there in the dirt and it’s mud instead.

So, we just happened upon a discussion about summer reads. This brings up the topic of rainy day reads, also. Those curl-up-with-a-good-book days at all times of the year, especially dark ones. Mysteries are wonderful reads in those deep chair days, whether it’s a beach chair or a fuzzy one near the fireplace. Mysteries and thrillers that grab hold and wind the reader around the plot are satisfying on those days because they do (or should) sweep you away into the tale and offer a jolt of excitement along the way.

We confess to hoping that A Cloud of Fraud will bring loads of mystery readers into their chairs for an engaging read in that chair. If you don’t have a favorite reading chair, think about that please.