A Cloud of Fraud by Linda Ferreri

Perhaps the suspicion of fraud enhances the flavor. C. S. Forester

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Le Marche

It’s just beautiful here in Le Marche even in the rain we have been having. The rose blossoms hang down outside like gigantic pink cabbages, dripping color and rainwater. It’s inspiration time for the next book, another mystery. Claire is observing something that is a bit “off.”

This weekend, the blog tour for A Cloud of Fraud begins and that is quite exciting for us here. Many thanks to the lovely people at Partners in Crime Tours who organized it, and to all of the reviewers and bloggers who are digging in. We hope it offers readers more information about the author, she who is writing this, and about the story. It’s quite a good one.

While we are at it, many thanks to the readers who have been posting 5-star reviews online. That is tall praise.

Blog tour coming up

I am quite honored to have 20 bloggers so far keen to talk about this novel. They will start in late May and run through June, with one in November and a 1-hour radio podcast interview. This is exciting new. There is no way for readers to find self-published books without others talking about them, a lot. I don’t love talking about myself and so a blogger who is interested is a huge gift to me. And to their devoted followers and readers who depend upon their book recommendations. Hooray for them. And a big hooray for Partners in Crime Tours who are organizing the whole blog tour.