A Cloud of Fraud by Linda Ferreri

Perhaps the suspicion of fraud enhances the flavor. C. S. Forester

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Claire's house

Claire’s house in Castello PIceno is only 400 years old. And she is doing some redecorating. Nothing major because the house is in wonderful shape, but fresh paint and some new furniture.

The house is stucco over stones on the outside which makes it one of the only houses in the centro storico that is not stone and/or brick. It’s pink, besides. So in every picture taken from that side of the beautiful hill town, it stands out. There it is, directly across the street from the little chapel of San Filippo, with its lovely garden of roses and fruit trees right beside portico. No wonder Claire loves it.

Inside the old houses of these beautiful medieval hill towns, one finds narrow hallways, wooden beans and brick ceilings, and lots of stairs. Stairs up, stairs down, cantinas for keeping food, and more. Claire’s kitchen floor is original handmade marchigiana brick which are gorgeous except when she’s mopping, but maybe even then.

Every August, the hill towns of Le Marche come alive with their inividual festivals in which they celebrate their individual histories. Castello Piceno has its own, too, the week of ferragosto which is Italy’s most sacred holiday, on August 15th. There is a procession through the medieval part of town in which people dress in the velvet robes and beautiful elements of their history. It’s wonderful to see. Nearby, San Ginesio has its pallio with real men, on real horses, and real javelins. Claire thinks that nobody knows a good local party until they have enjoyed life in a house like Claire’s in a town like hers.

This is the view out Claire’s kitchen door.